Cast Gallery catalogue number: C076

Cast No. C076

Athena wearing a helmet, and aigis decorated with a head of Gorgo. Her right hand rests on a column and holds a figure of Nike. Her left hand rests on a shield emblazoned with a head of Gorgo. A snake is coiled inside the shield.

  • Plaster cast: Height: 1.04m.
  • Copy of a marble statuette.
  • The statuette:
    • is known as Athena Varvakeion.
    • is a 3rd century AD version of the original colossal gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos made by Pheidias in about 440 BC.
    • was found in Athens in 1880, north of the Varvakeion Gymnasium.
    • is now in Athens, National Museum, 129.

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