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The Gandhara Connections project aims to make its activities accessible to the widest possible audience of researchers, students, and others interested in Gandharan art. To this end we intend as far as possible to provide live webcasting and podcasts of our events. This page will give advance information on live webcasts and it hosts recordings of our past events, many of which can also be found on the University of Oxford Podcasts page.

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Michael Wood: Travelling and Filming in Gandhara
Gandhara Connections Lecture, 22 November 2017

The first Gandhara Connections public lecture was given by the historian and broadcaster Michael Wood, who presented a dazzingly overview of experiences of Gandhara, interspersed by clips from his past television documentaries and by slides. The edited recording of his lecture is viewable here. (With thanks to Chris de Lisle/the Classics Faculty Media Team for filming and editing.)


Ancient Coins and Gandhara: From Maues to Mihirakula
workshop in Ashmolean Museum, Friday 2nd June 2017

Dr Shailendra Bhandare's workshop in the Ashmolean Museum on 2nd June, 2017 was webcast using Facebook Live. A gallery of coins presented in the workshop is available here. The recording is available online via the project's Facebook page
and now also here on the Gandhara Connections pages:

Problems of Chronology in Gandharan Art, Thursday 23rd to Friday 24th March 2017
Programme and details here (all times in GMT)

This workshop is now available online in the separate recordings below.  We are aware of the technical problem which caused the video of speakers to be out of sync with audio; a corrected version will soon appear on the University of Oxford podcasts page and iTunesU.

Open access proceedings of the workshop will also be published within the next twelve months.

Day 1: Thursday 23rd March 2017

Peter Stewart, Welcome and Introduction
Joe Cribb, Numismatic Evidence and the Date of Kanishka
Monika Zin, Buddhist Art’s Late Bloomer: The Genius and Influence of Gandhara

Abdul Samad, Recent Archaeological Excavations and their Relevance to Chronology
Anna Filigenzi & Luca Olivieri, On Gandharan Sculptural Production from Swat: Recent Archaeological and Chronological Data
(read by Peter Stewart)

Ciro Lo Muzio, On Some Similarities between Gandharan Toilet-Trays and the Earliest Buddhist Art of Northern India

Day 2: Friday 24th March 2017

Wannaporn Rienjang, On the Chronology of Stupa Relic Practice in Afghanistan & Dharmarajika, Pakistan, and its Implications for the Rise of Popularity of Image Cult
Stefan Baums, How Can We Use Inscriptions to Help us Date Gandharan Art?

Robert Bracey, Is it Appropriate to Ask a Celestial Lady's Age?

Juhyung Rhi, Positioning Gandharan Buddhas in Chronology: Significant Coordinates and Anomalies


Kurt Behrendt, Late Gandharan Chronology: The 3rd to 6th Century Period
Concluding discussion