209232, ATHENIAN, Athens, National Museum, Athens, National Museum, CC1633

  • Vase Number: 209232
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Sub Technique: WHITE GROUND
  • Shape Name: LEKYTHOS
  • Date: -500 to -450
  • Attributed To: Perhaps ATHENS 1826, P OF by BEAZLEY
  • Decoration: Body: WOMEN, ONE WITH FRUIT, BIRD
  • Current Collection: Athens, National Museum: 2032
  • Previous Collections:
    • Athens, National Museum: CC1633
  • Publication Record: Beazley, J.D., Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1963): 747.1
    Burn, L. and Glynn, R., Beazley Addenda (Oxford, 1982): 139
    Carpenter, T.H., with Mannack, T., and Mendonca, M., Beazley Addenda, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1989): 284
    Giudice E., Il tymbos, la stele e la barca di Caronte: L'Immaginario della morte sulle lekythoi funerarie a fondo bianco (Rome, 2015): 169, FIG.18 (BD)

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