204342, ATHENIAN, London, British Museum, London, British Museum, 1850.3-2.2

  • Vase Number: 204342
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: CUP B
  • Provenance: ITALY, ETRURIA, VULCI
  • Date: -500 to -450
  • Attributed To: FOUNDRY P by HARTWIG
  • Current Collection: London, British Museum: E78
  • Previous Collections:
    • London, British Museum: 1850.3-2.2
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  • AVI Web: https://www.avi.unibas.ch/DB/searchform.html?ID=4654
  • AVI Record Number: 4482
  • CAVI Collection: London E 78.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF cup. From Vulci. Foundry Painter. Euphronios, potter. First quarter fifth. 490-480.
  • CAVI Subject: Int.: boy boxer and trainer. A: pancratiast, trainer and three boxers. B: two boxers; two wrestlers with a trainer.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: Nonsense (part imitation letters): Int.: ο[...]εοσεσεοσν. νενοννοεο{1}. A: starting to left of the pancratiast: (ν)νh(α)υν(α)ε[.]ν(.)γ[.]νννευ. To right of the right youth's head: hγνε. B: between the boxers' heads: ν(.)ευνυν(.)ε. Above the wrestlers, wavy: hν[..]υεκν{2}. Under the foot, Gr.{3}.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} these readings from CVA. {2} readings from Frost. {3} Smith refers to the old Cat., pl. B, 971*. CVA gives: ϝΕ, retr. Not in Johnston (1979).
  • CAVI Number: 4482
  • AVI Bibliography: C.H. Smith in BM Cat. E (1896), 104-105. — Frost (1906), 220, pl. 13 (dr. of Ext.). — ARV[2] (1963), 401/3, 1651. — Para. (1971), 370. — Add.[2] (1989), 230. — Beazley (1989), 80, pls. 60 - 61. — Robertson (1992), fig. 105 (B, part). — D. Williams, CVA London 9, Great Britain 17 (1993), 62/48, pls. 68-69, figs. 3,k (facs. of Gr. upside down) and 12,a (profile) (bibl.).
  • Pleiades URI: https://pleiades.stoa.org/places/413393
  • Coordinates: 42.421429,11.702499
  • Pleiades Coordinates: 42.419009,11.6298975
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