219, ATHENIAN, Taranto, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, 52155

  • Vase Number: 219
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: BLACK-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: CUP A
  • Provenance: ITALY, TARANTO
  • Date: -575 to -525
  • Attributed To: LYDOS by DRAGO
    Under handle: DOLPHINS
    Under handle: DRAPED FIGURE
  • Current Collection: Taranto, Museo Archeologico Nazionale: 52155
  • Publication Record: Ahlberg-Cornell, G., Myth and Epos in Early Greek Art, Representation and Interpretation (Jonsered, 1992): 267, FIG.5 (A)
    American Journal of Archaeology: 106 (2002) 217, FIG.26 (A)
    American Journal of Archaeology: 106 (2002) 217, FIG.26 (A)
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    Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: TARANTO, MUSEO NAZIONALE 3, III.H.5, PLS.(1567,1568) 24.1-3, 25.1-3 View Whole CVA Plates
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  • LIMC ID: 4198
  • LIMC Web: http://ark.dasch.swiss/ark:/72163/080e-73df0bcc22073-c
  • Pleiades URI: https://pleiades.stoa.org/places/442810
  • Coordinates: 40.47611,17.22972
  • Pleiades Coordinates: 40.4709405,17.2371455
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