201833, ATHENIAN, Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, PC74


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  • Vase Number: 201833
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: AMPHORA, NECK
  • Provenance: ITALY, ETRURIA, VULCI
  • Date: -525 to -475
  • Attributed To: BERLIN P by BEAZLEY
  • Decoration: A: ATHENA
  • Current Collection: Leiden, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden: PC74
  • Publication Record: Beazley, J.D., Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1963): 198.25
    Beazley, J.D., Attic Red-figure Vase-painters, 1st ed. (Oxford, 1942): 133.25
    Beazley, J.D., Attische Vasenmaler des rotfigurigen Stils (Tubingen, 1925): 78.22
    Burn, L., and Glynn, R., Beazley Addenda (Oxford, 1982): 95
    Carpenter, T.H., with Mannack, T., and Mendonca, M., Beazley Addenda, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1989): 191
    Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: LEIDEN, RIJKSMUSEUM VAN OUDHEDEN 3, 23-24, FIG.11, PLS.(217-219) 123.1-2, 124.1-2, 125.1-4 View Whole CVA Plates
    Gazette des beaux-arts: 1931, 81-2, FIGS.11-12
    Lenormant, C. and de Witte, J., Elite des monuments ceramographiques (1837-61): I, PL.76A
  • LIMC ID: 16557
  • LIMC Web: http://ark.dasch.swiss/ark:/72163/080e-748e59b507a71-5
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