3. Naiskoi

The central feature is an Egyptian naiskos with cavetto lintel. It commonly contains a figure or group of types met elsewhere in this series; see 11/51, 80; 12/27; 15/45; 17/61, X20, 21. The ones listed here have nondescript subjects.


3/1 Rome 12634. RPA 30/1 (1957/9) 226, fig. 5. BH;EXnb. Columns with triple leaf mouldings; within, a walking figure and two upright staffs; winged disc above. VI

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3/2 Paris, Bibl.Nat., de Clercq no. 2753, pl. 18, from Tyre. Nunn no. 26. BL;EXCR. Striding standing figure with pointed hat holding staff before burner; columns with triple disc capitals; lintel with winged disc, horns? and disc above. VI

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3/3 New York, Rosen 207. BL;EXCR. Columns with double ball terminals; lintel a winged disc, with stylized disc and uraei above; within, a walking figure in short dress, with staff. VI

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