New Beazley Archive Pottery Database interface formally launched with data downloads

After a period of testing and consultation, CARC has now formally launched the new search interface for the Beazley Archive Pottery Database (BAPD). This is now available as an alternative to the traditional search form, which will also remain in place:

The new interface offers access to the whole database through 'faceted' searches, which progressively filter out the criteria in which the user is interested, making the valid search terms and the numbers of potential results visible during the search. It is also possible to do general searches across all fields. Although searches on the new interface can be a little slower, most users, particularly those unfamiliar with databases, will find it more intuitive.

In a new development for the BAPD, the raw data from searches or from the whole database can now be downloaded in various formats for the purpose of personal research or study. The lists of search terms are also downloadable.

(Published 5.4.2017)

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