Casts in the Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera photo

In the nearby Radcliffe Library, named after its benefactor, Dr John Radcliffe, larger plaster casts were displayed. The library is now known as the Radcliffe Camera.

Radcliffe interior etching
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    Radcliffe Interior.
    Etching: Bodleian Library G.A.Oxon.4o.795, vol.3,

In this view of the interior, dated about 1835, plaster casts of Artemis of Versailles stand on the far left, the Laocoon Group to the left of centre, and the Apollo Belvedere just to the right. The Borghese Warrior is a little further round, and the Diskobolos is disappearing off to the right. Some of these casts are now in the Ashmolean Museum's Cast Gallery.