The West Wing

Etching of West Wing

On the walls of the building's West Wing, Cockerell placed plaster casts of the Parthenon frieze. They can just be seen in this etching of about 1850, and, more clearly, in the photograph below. The casts shown in this etching are Sir Francis Chantrey's original 19th century plaster models. Cast from the finished clay works in his studio, they were used as pointing models for carving the final sculptures in marble.

Photo of West Gallery today
  • West Wing of the museum today.
    Photograph: Beazley Archive, Ian Hiley

The West Wing was redeveloped in 1997 to house the Museum Shop and a new entrance with access to the restaurant below. This photograph shows the frieze at the southern end of the West Wing as it appeared at this time. In 2011 the West Wing was incorporated into the new galleries of Ancient Egypt and Nubia