Furtwängler-Reichold images

Thanks to the generous collaboration of the Department of Art and the Archives & Special Collections of Williams College, Massachusetts, the illustrations from Furtwängler's and Reichold's foundational vase series have now been added to the relevant records in the Beazley Archive Pottery Database. The College has provided a complete set of digitized images from its own originals.

The engravings come from a series of volumes describing and illustratiing ancient Greek vases, which was commenced by the great archaeologist Adolf Furtwängler and Karl Reichold in 1904. Three series of plates were ultimately produced, up to 1932, with Friedrich Hauser taking over Furtwängler’s work after his death in 1907. Furtwängler and Reichold was the first corpus of Greek vases, a pioneering work of documentation, and its meticulous drawings remain as useful today as when they were made.



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