South Italian - Apulian

Darius Painter's name vase

Museum: Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Size: 1.15m (volute-crater)
Function: convivial, display
Technique: red-figure with white and red paint, and washes.
Style: South Italian, Apulian, Ornate
Subject: In the centre of the obverse the Persian king Darius sits enthroned, apparently listening to the bearded messenger who stands on a low platform painted white and inscribed Persai. Elders in similar costume seem to listen and show alarm. Below the exchequer counts and receives tribute. Above, on Olympos, Athena leads Hellas, personification of Greece, towards Zeus, in the presence of Apollo and Artemis. On the right the personification of deception, Apate, tries to move Asia, personification of her land, away from an altar of a goddess from whom she has sought protection.
Date: later 4th c.

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