South Italian - Apulian

Black Fury painter's Orestes crater

Darius Painter's name vase

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Image: D. Knoepfler. Les Imagiers de l'Orestie

Museum: Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Size: 90cm. (volute-crater with lid)
Function: convivial, display
Technique: red-figure with white and red paint and washes
Style: South Italian, Apulian  early Ornate
Subject/s: lid: seated woman holding a barbiton. Body: Orestes seeks refuge at Delphi. The sanctuary is marked by fine white fluted columns supporting an architrave, by 'golden' tripods and an omphalos. The eponymous black fury lurks on the left where an old priestess flees in alarm. Apollo gallantly defends his territory, holding his bow at ease. Sister Artemis stands like a statue accompanied by her hounds.
Date: early 4th c.
Analysis: the rich colours and intricate shape reveal the beginnings of Ornate Apulian.

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