'Analatos hydria'

'Analatos hydria'

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Photograph: J. Boardman,
La ceramique antique

Museum: Athens, National Archaeological Museum
Size: *0.80m
Function: funerary. Three-handled water-pot with elongated neck. The 'snakes' and fretwork handles indicate it was not made for daily use.
Technique: silhouette and outline
Style: Protoattic (Early)
Decoration: male and female mourners (neck), lions confronting a floral (body)
Date: early 7th c. 
Analysis: curvilinear floral motifs and lions (largely effaced) are indicators of a new 'Orientalising' style in Athens, whereas the largely silhouette figures (neck) combine the old Geometric silhouette with outline. Branches and pipes suggest mourning.

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