Cast Gallery catalogue number: C075b

Cast No. C075b

Athena wearing an unusual cross-slung aigis, decorated with a head of Gorgo.
See also C249.

  • Plaster cast: Height: 2.09m.
  • The cast is composed of a cast of a marble head placed on a cast of a separate marble body.
  • The marble head and body are both versions of a Greek bronze original of about 440 BC, possibly the statue known as the Lemnian Athena made by Pheidias for Athenians living on the island of Lemnos to dedicate on the Athens Acropolis.
  • The head is now in Bologna, Museo Civico Archeologico, G1060.
  • The body is now in Dresden, Albertinum, 49; it was purchased in 1728 from the Albani collection in Rome.

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