Cast Gallery catalogue number: D047

Cast No. D047

Apollo sits on his tripod at the left, other deities (unidentified) stand. The small figure of a woman with a child is Xenokrateia, the dedicator of the relief. In front of her is the river-god Kephisos, to whom she presents her son. The bull with man's head, at the far right, is the river-god Acheloos.

  • Plaster cast: Height: 63cm.
  • Copy of a marble relief.
  • The relief:
    • was dedicated to the river-god Kephisos by a woman named Xenokrateia.
    • was made in about 410 BC.
    • was found in the Sanctuary of Echelidai at New Phaleron (Athens) in 1903 with D046.
    • is now in Athens, National Museum, 2756.

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