Cast Gallery catalogue number: D095

Cast No. D095

At the top Zeus and, below on two levels, Mnemosyne with the nine Muses, and Apollo, to the left under the archway. At the bottom, Homer receives a sacrifice from a group of literary personifications: Myth, History, Poetry, Tragedy, Comedy. At the middle right, a statue of a victorious poet.

  • Plaster cast: Height: 1.16m.
  • Copy of a marble relief.
  • The marble:
    • is known as the Archelaos Relief.
    • dates from the late 3rd or 2nd century BC.
    • Homer from a prize-winning poet.
    • was found at Boville in central Italy in the mid 16th century.
    • was formerly in Palazzo Colonna until 1819.
    • is now in London, British Museum, 2191.

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