217211, ATHENIAN, Berlin, Antikensammlung, Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg, F2537

  • Vase Number: 217211
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: CUP B
  • Date: -450 to -400
  • Attributed To: CODRUS P by FURTWANGLER
  • Current Collection: Berlin, Antikensammlung: F2537
  • Previous Collections:
    • Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg: F2537
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  • AVI Web: https://www.avi.unibas.ch/DB/searchform.html?ID=2534
  • AVI Record Number: 2389
  • LIMC ID: 10635
  • LIMC Web: http://ark.dasch.swiss/ark:/72163/080e-743a37178d8c0-7
  • CAVI Collection: Berlin 2537.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF cup. From Tarquinia. Codrus Painter. Third quarter fifth. 440-430.
  • CAVI Subject: Int.: Eos and Kephalos. A-B: Birth of Erichthonios.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: Int.: above the scene: hεως. At right and below her wing: Κεφαλος. A: Κεκ̣ροψ. Γε. Ερι(χ)θονιος. Αθηναια. [Η]φαιστος{1}. Ερσε{2}. B: [Αγ]λαυρος. Ερε(χ)[θ]ευς. Πανδ[ροσος]. [Αι]γευς{3}. Παλλ[α]ς{4}.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} or [hε]φαιστος. {2} Ερσε? {3} a large gap before the final sigma. {4} unclear spelling: the facs. in CVA seems to give: Παλλ[α]ς, but it might be Παλ[λ](α)ς; CVA prints Παλλας.
  • CAVI Number: 2389
  • AVI Bibliography: Furtwängler (1885), no. 2537. — H.A. Thompson (1937), 67 and n. 5, fig. 40. — A. Greifenhagen, CVA Berlin 3, Germany 22 (1962), pls. 113, 115,2, 116,2, 117,2, 132,4,8, p. 12 (facss.) (much bibl.). — ARV[2] (1963), 1268/2, 1689. — Kron (1988), 297 (summary discussion). — Add.[2] (1989), 356 (much bibl.). — AttScr (1990), no. 786. — Threatte (1996), 63 and 101.
  • Pleiades URI: https://pleiades.stoa.org/places/413332
  • Coordinates: 42.254315,11.759148
  • Pleiades Coordinates: 42.2545322,11.7581734667
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