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201595, ATHENIAN, Canino, Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, Berlin, lost, F2273

  • Vase Number: 201595
  • Fabric: ATHENIAN
  • Technique: RED-FIGURE
  • Shape Name: CUP
  • Provenance: ITALY, ETRURIA, VULCI
  • Date: -525 to -475
  • Inscriptions: KEPHISIOS
    Kalos/Kale: KEPHI[S]IOS KA[L]OS
  • Attributed To: AMBROSIOS P by BEAZLEY
  • Current Collection: Berlin, lost: F2273
  • Previous Collections:
    • Canino, Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino
  • Publication Record: Archeologia Classica: 48 (1996) 229, FIG.7 (I)
    Beazley, J.D., Attic Red-Figure Vase-Painters, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1963): 174.31
    Beazley, J.D., Attic Red-figure Vase-painters, 1st ed. (Oxford, 1942): 72.29
    Beazley, J.D., Attische Vasenmaler des rotfigurigen Stils (Tübingen, 1925): 38.3
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    Burn, L. and Glynn, R., Beazley Addenda (Oxford, 1982): 92
    Carpenter, T.H., with Mannack, T. and Mendonca, M., Beazley Addenda, 2nd edition (Oxford, 1989): 184
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    Gerhard, E., Auserlesene Vasenbilder (Berlin, 1840-58): I, PL.57.1-2 (COLOUR DRAWING OF I)
    Hefte des Archaeologischen Seminars der Universität Bern: 7 (1981) PL.5.1 (I)
    Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts: 27 (1912) 257
    Lenormant, C. and de Witte, J., Elite des monuments ceramographiques (1837-61): I, PL.38 (COLOUR DRAWING OF I)
    Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae: IV, PL.387, HEPHAISTOS 43 (I)
    Schefold, K., Gods and Heroes in Late Archaic Greek Art. English translation by A. Griffiths (Cambridge, 1992): FIG.30 (I)
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    Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Antikensammlung, Dokumentation der Verluste, V.1, Skulpturen, Vasen, Elfenbein und Knochen, Goldschmuck, Gemmen und Kameen (Berlin, 2005): 126, F2273 (I)
    Studi Etruschi: 39 (1971) PL.11B (I)
  • AVI Web:
  • AVI Record Number: 2320
  • LIMC ID: 25876
  • LIMC Web:
  • CAVI Collection: Berlin 2273.
  • CAVI Lemma: RF cup. From Vulci. Ambrosios Painter. Last quarter sixth. 510-500.
  • CAVI Subject: Int.: Hephaestus (bearded) in a winged chair, with double axe and kantharos{1}. Ext.: plain.
  • CAVI Inscriptions: Int.: starting to left of his head: Κεφι[.]τος κα[λ]ος.
  • CAVI Footnotes: {1} so Beazley; Triptolemos (wrongly), Furtw. - Matheson (1994), 351: Hephaestus giving a test drive to the winged chair he made for Dionysus. A.B. Cook (1914–40), i, 216: identifies the `hammer' carried by H. as a double axe and the figure as Dionysus. Beazley, Boardman (1975), fig. 120, Simon (1969), 223, fig. 209, and Matheson all prefer Hephaestus.
  • CAVI Comments: The photo shows no letter(s) in an area of 1-2 letter spaces between iota and tau, although the surface seems to be preserved; the other letters are very clear. Furtw. read Κεφι[σ]ιος (sic) κα[λ]ος, and this is accepted by Neugebauer. Beazley, in ARV[2], says: "The first letter is a poor kappa, and might be a poorer H; if so, hεφι[σ]τος κα[λ]ος(?)". I.e.: hεφ[α]ι[σ]τος, but I think the word is clearly miswritten, perhaps for Κεφισιος, but note that Beazley does not list this kalos-name. The name occurs later on Bologna PU 358, AttScr (1990), no. 677.
  • CAVI Number: 2320
  • AVI Bibliography: Photo. — Furtwängler (1885), no. 2273. — A.B. Cook (1914), 216 (after Gerhard). — ARV[2] (1963), 174/31. — Simon (1969), 223, fig. 209. — Add.[2] (1989), 184. — Matheson (1994), 351.
  • CAVI / AVI Data from Henry Immerwahr's Corpus of Attic Vase Inscriptions (CAVI), updated by Rudoph Wachter's Attic Vase Inscriptions (AVI)
  • Pleiades URI:
  • Coordinates: 42.421429,11.702499
  • Pleiades Coordinates: 42.419009,11.6298975

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