40000634, Poniatowski, T606, THESEUS [PALAEMON] ON A DOLPHIN, BEARING THE RING OF MINOS AND THE CROWN OF ARIADNE [AMPHITRITE] [BY THE RECOVERY OF WHICH HE HAD PROVED HIMSELF TO MINOS TO BE THE SON OF NEPTUNE], ADMON, Admon, Mueller, (Klaus), Professor, Bonn, Catalogue of A Rare Collection of Antique and Medieval Gems, (...) for the Charity Organization Society (...) of NY; Tiffany, 10.-16.3.1902, Prendeville, J.: Explanatory catalogue of the proof-impressions of the antique gems possessed by the late Prince Poniatowski and now in the possession of John Tyrrell, Esq. (1841), Christie's, London, Catalogue des pierres graves antiques de S.A. le Prince Stanislas Poniatowski ([1830?]-1833), lot 958, Cornelian

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