Cookies and this website

Cookies are small files sent from a website to your computer. Cookies enable websites to recognize your computer as you move around the site. Without them you would not be able to, for example, use an online shopping cart or preserve your user preferences. They are not programmes and do not carry viruses. You can delete or disable cookies from your computer.

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The CVA website uses two cookies.

1. Pages generated by our databases

We need to use temporary sessional cookies for our databases and pages created from information held in our databases to function correctly (these are pages on the site where the url ends in .asp). Without these cookies searches on our database would not work, as these cookies enable the database to remember your search terms.  These cookies also make it possible to move from one page to the next in the sections of our website generated from our databases. These temporary cookies are deleted when you close your browser window.

These cookies are called:

  • XDBSession

2. Gathering data on how the site is used

We use Google Analytics to collect information on how people use our site. We collect details such as how many people have been to our website, which pages they have visited and how long they have spent on the site. This information is important to us as it will help us to improve our web services. These cookies do not enable us to collect personal information or to identify who you are.

These cookies are called:

  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmz

Further information: Overview of Google Analytics privacy policy

3. Cookies warning banner

We use cookies to control the banner we use warning you that we use cookies.

These cookies are called:

  • cookiesDisclosureCount
  • cookiesDirective

If you would like more information on our cookies please contact us.