Greek archaic


Cornelian scarab, in an original gold swivel hoop.


Published: RA 1971, 199, fig. 5; LIMC Herakles no. 19.

Herakles wearing his lionskin, club raised and holding a bow. Hatched border.

Greek or Cypriot, about 500 BC.

Gem image


Chalcedony scaraboid, from Sparta.


Published: RA 1971, 201, fig. 9.

A satyr, with horses' feet, holding a kantharos cup. Hatched border.

Early 5th cent. BC.

Gem imageGem image (impression)


Cornelian scarab, from Italy.


Published: RA 1971, 201, fig. 8.

The upper part of a four-winged deity hovering over a mountain (?). His head is radiate and there is a radiate sun-disc at his belly; his arms outstretched. Beaded border.

A hellenized version of an eastern sun god.

About 500 BC.

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