Myth and divinity

Action scenes are rare, except where the story can be told in two figures. There are several studies of individual gods, either representing tutelary deities for the wearer or sometimes for dedication.

Blue chalcedony scaraboid

 Blue chalcedony scaraboid. Victory (Nike) dresses a trophy. Prime 4th-century work.

London, Walters no. 601. 33mm. GGFR no. 590.

Red and white jasper scaraboid, from Greece

Red jasper scaraboid, from Greece. Danae stands by her bed, holding out her dress to catch the golden rain sent by Zeus to impregnate her. Early classical.

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts. 17mm. GGFR no. 449.

Carnelian scaraboid

Carnelian scaraboid. A young Herakles, wearing the lionskin cap (the rest of the skin draped over his arm), holds a strung bow and leans on his club.

Private collection. 20mm.

Pale blue chalcedony scaraboid

Pale blue chalcedony scaraboid. Pan seated on rocks playing the double pipes. One of the earliest Pans on gems.

Private collection. 20mm.

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