Master of Boston Dionysos

The earliest personality, working mainly in the last quarter of the 6th century BC. His rather dumpy figures may reflect Anaolian/Ionian styles which also appear in Etruscan relief sculpture. His name piece has an elaborate relief back and he favours multi-figure narrative groups.

Gem image

A relief figure of Dionysos on the scarab back. Herakles grapples with a small man (possibly Geras - Old Age) watched by Athena and a woman.

Boston 21.1197; LHG no. 35ter. 14mm. AGGems no. 77; GGFR pl. 408.

Gem image

Achilles arms, watched by Hephaistos (with crippled feet) holding his shield for him, and his mother Thetis.

Malibu, Getty Museum 81.AN.76.121. 13mm. GGFR pl. 1033.

Gem image

Achilles? arming, with his new helmet, spear, shield and sword. The added floral is an Etruscan touch.

Florence, Mus.Arch. 15260. 12mm. Zazoff, no.16.

Gem image

Related to the Boston Master. Herakles quarrels with Apollo over the tripod.

Boston 27.668; LHG no. 14. 12mm.

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