The Fortnum Group

These are all finger rings with relief bezels, datable in the second half of the fifth century BC and bearing broadly classical subjects owing much to the contemporary classicising arts of Etruria. They are discussed in J. Boardman, 'Etruscan and South Italian Finger Rings in Oxford', Papers of the British School at Rome 34 (1966) 1-17, to which the following 'Fortnum' numbers refer. The bezels, usually hollow, are 20 to 25mm in length.

Gem image

A naked man and a woman embrace. Gilt silver.

Oxford F.83, from Praeneste. Fortnum 19.

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A wa10 April, 2012from Praeneste. Fortnum 20.

Gem image

Herakles? with the lion.

Paris, Louvre Bj 1112. Fortnum xxvii.

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A young rider. Gold.

Ferrara, from Spina. Fortnum xxiii.

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