Warriors, athletes and other figure studies

Many of these are basically anatomical studies based on late archaic Greek figures, variously identified, if at all. They show that the Etruscan engraver was devoted to anatomical patterning well into the later 5th century, a trait apparent in other Etruscan arts.

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Chalcedony - a cut scarab? - unusual material and shape, but despite the very Greek appearance of the figure, probably of Etruscan make - (Master of the London Athlete- Glynn). An athlete with strigil, oil bottle before him, discus hanging behind. Early 5th cent.

London Walters 490. AGGems no. 340.

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An athlete scraping his leg with a strigil. TUTE (Tydesu) By the Berlin Master [Glynn]. Early 5th cent.

Berlin FG no. 195. 14mm. Zazoff, no. 60.

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Agate. A youth lifting a cloth from his helmet. ACHILE (Achilles). About 475-50.

Boston 27.720; LHG no. 39. 13mm.

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An athlete kneeling on sand and pouring some over his thigh, by the Lewes House Master [Glynn]. About 475-450 BC.

Boston 21.1201; LHG no. 40. 12.5mm.

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A collapsing warrior, a broken spear stuck in his shield. Early 5th cent.

Péronne, Danicourt Coll. 14mm.

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A satyr dancing holding pipes, a cup and wreath below; totally classicizing. 4th cent.

Cambridge S7, Cat. no. 102. 12.5mm.

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