Geometric and Early Archaic gems: Sounion group

In Attica in the later 7th and 6th century there is production of mainly small round seals in soft stone with simple subjects and in a rather nondescript style. They are represented at sanctuaries in Sounion, Brauron and Athens.

Gem image

White stone disc seal. Two men and women; two sphinxes.

Private Coll. 14mm. GGFR pl. 278.

Gem image

Green serpentine cuboid seal, from the Acropolis, Athens. Four subjects: love-making; foreparts of goats with a lizard and bird; women with pipes and a jar; two goats at a tree.

Acropolis 7237. 10mm. IGems no. F29; GGFR fig. 184, pl. 277.

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