Greco-Persian gems : A globolo gems

The style seems a continuation of the main Greco-Persian series into the Hellenistic, Seleucid period in Persia and probably later, with long influence in the east. The style is looser and lacks detail, depending much on simple drill work, but in many respects it resembles engraving style long current in various parts of the near east. The Greek element has virtually disappeared and several subjects are decidedly eastern (elephants, zebu).

Gem image

A zebu bull. Bonn, Müller Collectio.

Pale red chalcedony scaraboid. 14mm. GGFR pl. 985.

Gem image

A winged lion.

St Petersburg 6441. Chalcedony scaraboid. 15mm. GGFR pl. 983.

Gem image

Two elephants.

Malibu 81.AN.76.104. Rosy agate scaraboid. 17mm. J. Boardman, Intaglios and Rings (1975) no. 104.

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