Greco-Persian gems: animals

Gem image

Birds pick the body of a dead stag.
[The mount is modern]

Malibu 81.AN.76.90. Blue chalcedony scaraboid. 31mm. J. Boardman, Intaglios and Rings (1975) no. 90.

Gem image

A lion attacks a stag.

Malibu 81.AN.76.97. Blue chalcedony scaraboid. 33mm.J. Boardman, Intaglios and Rings (1975) no. 97.

Gem image

A hyena.

Malibu 81.AN.76.92. Blue chalcedony scaraboid. 25mm. GGFR pl. 1069.

Gem image

A Bactrian camel.

London, Walters, no. 547. Chalcedony scaraboid. 10 April, 2012

4 Gem images

A fox; an antelope; a heron; a lizard.

Oxford 1925.134. Blue chalcedony prism. 21mm. GGFR pl. 934.

Gem image

An ibex; a dog; a fox; a locust on an ear of corn.

New York, Rosen Collection. Mottled jasper poly-faceted pendant. 31mm. GGFR pl. 1068.

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