Hellenistic gems: erotes

In the Hellenistic period Eros is more often represented as a baby, not a youth as before. He forms part of the entourage of Dionysos, as well as attending his mother Aphrodite.

Gem image

Oxford 354 (1941.623) Clear glass 12x10.5x2mm, flat face, convex back.

Eros and Psyche (with curved wings) are shown running in close embrace in three-quarter view. They are naked apart from a shared mantle draped over their arms. Eros holds a wreath, and beside Psyche is a small altar with flame.

Gem image

Oxford 357 (1892.1429) Garnet 12.5x8.5x3mm, flat face and back.

Eros riding on a goose, a branch held behind him like a whip.

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