Later Archaic Greek gems: later examples

In the very latest style of archaic scarabs the stone is often somewhat larger, presaging classical taste, and the subject conceived more monumentally and often detailed in a manner most easily paralleled in vase painting of the day. These must belong in the early 5th century.

Gem image

Chalcedony. Athena with helmet, spear and shield. The aigis is slung round her neck and in place of the gorgon head there is the head of a sea maonster shown at the back of her neck (compare AGGems no. 237).

Boston 27.676; LHG no. 26. 17.5mm. AGGems no. 239.

Gem image

Cornelian scaraboid. A satyr kneels to draw a bow; a cup before him. A warlike satyr is rare but they fight beside Dionysos against the Giants.

Baltimore 42.461. 17mm. AGGems no. 336.

Gem image

Black jasper scaraboid from near Heraklion, Crete. A satyr reclines on a wineskin, holding out a cup. Inscribed Anakles (owner?).

New York, Richter no. 46. 16mm. AGGems no. 333.

Gem image

Moss agate scaraboid. Europa rides the bull, steadying herself by its tail and horn.

Oxford 1966.596, Cat. no. *. 18mm. AGGems no. 305.

Gem image

Plasma scarab from near Pergamon. A lioness. Inscribed Aristoteiches (owner?).

Unknown whereabouts. 18mm. AGGems no. 427.

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