Later Archaic Greek gems: lions group

A number of gems are characterized by careful studies of lions with whiskery manes, such as are also seen on Cypriot coins and others coins of east Greek states.

Gem image

Black jasper scaraboid, from Cyprus. Two panthers fight. Inscribed in Cypriot syllabary script a-ri-si-to-ke-le-o, which is Greek Aristokleo[s], 'of Aristokles'. Group of the Cyprus Lions.

London, Walters no. 450. 15mm. AGGems no. 423.

Gem image

Chalcedony scarab from Beirut. A panther scratches its nose, with a cock and a monkey. Inscribed in Cypriot syllabaray script ka-pa-sa. Group of the Cypriot Lions.

Paris, Louvre, de Clercq no. 2794. L. 14mm. AGGems no. 424.

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