Classical (continued)

Mausoleum reconstuction
  • Reconstruction of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus by G.Waywell/S.Bird.

A strongly hellenized style develops in nearby Lycia, again for tomb monuments. The Nereid monument is Ionic but has a full array of pedimental sculpture and of friezes both on the building and on its base.

Nereid monument reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of the Nereid monument in the British Museum

Elsewhere in Lycia a tomb enclosure at Trysa is decorated with friezes showing a wide variety of Greek myth. It is characteristic of Lycian architectural sculpture that, beside the myth, there are scenes of near-contemporary military action (city-sieges) and of the monarch in his court, the type of subject not seen in Greece proper.

Photo of Cast of tomb enclosure
  • Cast slab of tomb enclosure at Trysa showing detail of siege.
    Cast No. A120d

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