Archaic grave markers

Figures in the round

Photos of Caasts of kouros
  • Kouros from a cemetery in Attica. Early 6th c. BC.

The male kouros type and the female kore, which are archetypal archaic figures, served both as grave-markers and dedications in sanctuaries. In Attica the series starts about the beginning of the 6th century BC and continues into the early 5th century but is rare thereafter.

Photo of Two statues of kouros & kore
  • Kouros and kore from Attica (Myrrhinous).

The two statues (left) had been damaged and buried together in antiquity. The kore's base is preserved: she is Phrasikleia who will 'ever be called maiden, the gods allotting her this title instead of marriage'. About 550 BC.

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