Archaic grave markers

Non-Attic relief gravestones

Most follow the Athenian pattern, but double sided reliefs are found in north Greece and the general Attic type continued through the Early Classical period, beyond the middle of the 5th century, when Attica is no longer making relief stelai for graves. There is more variety of figures - more women and children.

Photo of two-sided gravestone
  • A two-sided gravestone figuring Artemis, from Dorylaion (north west Anatolia). About 525 BC.
Photo of gravestone for two brothers
  • Gravestone for the brothers Dermys and Kittylos, from Tanagra (Boeotia). About 580 BC.
Photo of Cast of gravestone for old man
  • Cast of gravestone for an old man, from Boeotia, made by Alxenor of Naxos. About 490 BC.
    Cast No. D017
Gravestone for woman
  • Gravestone for a woman, from Crete. About 490 BC.
Cast of gravestone for woman
  • Cast of a gravestone for a woman, shown with a companion or attendant. About 460 BC.
    Cast No. D 027

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