Classical grave markers

Non-attic gravestones

The non-Attic gravestones follow the tradition started in the archaic period without much further reference to Attic styles.

Gravestone for woman
  • Gravestone for a woman (Apollonie) shown with her family. From Ikaria (east Aegean island). About 460 BC.
Cast of gravestone of girl
  • Cast of gravestone
    of a girl, from Paros.
    About 450 BC.
    Cast No. D031
Cast of stele of horseman
  • Cast of stele, showing a horseman, from Thespiae (Boeotia). About 440 BC.
    Cast No. D034
Gravestone of Krito & Timarista
  • Gravestone of Krito and Timarista, from Rhodes. About 400 BC

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