Painted clay sarcophagi and simply decorated stone sarcophagi are known from the Archaic period, from East Greece, and this is the area also where stone relief sarcophagi also appear, although rarely. An important series executed by Greek sculptors was made for the graves of Phoenician kings at Sidon in the 5th and 4th centuries, during Persian rule there.

Part of sarcophagus Part of sarcophagus
Sarcophagus from Canakkale, near Troy.
Decorated with mourning scenes and the myth of the sacrifice of Polyxena at the tomb of Achilles. About 500 BC.

Drawing of above sarcophagus
  • Drawing of the above scene
Photo of sarcophagus
  • Sarcophagus, probably from Cyprus. Decorated with scenes of Greeks fighting Amazons on all sides. About 360 BC.
Mourners Sarcophagus
  • The 'Mourners Sarcophagus' from Sidon. About 360 BC.
Alexander Sarcophagus
  • The 'Alexander Sarcophagus' from Sidon. About 315 BC.

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