The classical style was retained for statues of gods and goddesses though the latter are rendered more sensuously, if Aphrodite, more substantially wrapped up, if the senior goddesses, while the males reveal their date mainly through the treatment of their intense faces and often wild hair. This is particularly apparent in the treatment of the gods fighting giants on the Great Altar at Pergamon.

Photo of Cast of Dionysos & satyr
Photo of goddess with snake-pot
  • Goddess with Snake-pot
Photo of group sculpture
  • Young giant, Athena, Ge (Earth) and Nike
Statue of crouching Aphrodite
  • Crouching Aphrodite
Cast of statue of 'Veus di Milo'
Photo of statue of Poseidon
  • Poseidon, from Melos
Cast of head of Anytos
Statue group of goddesses
  • Group of goddesses Despoina and Demeter flanked by Artemis and Anytos - at Lykosoura (south Greece)
Goddess from Herulaneum
  • A goddess from Herculaneum
Statue of sleeping Hermaphrodite
  • Sleeping Hermaphrodite