Narrative groups

Votive and commemorative monuments may take the form of major groups of figures, not set like friezes in the classical manner but disposed more three-dimensionally. The most spectacular of these were copied in the Roman period, notably for the Emperor Tiberius' sculpture grotto at Sperlonga.

Statue group-blinding Polyphemos

The blinding of the giant Polyphemos by Odysseus and his companions at Sperlonga

Photo of head of Odysseus

Head of Odysseus in the group (above) from Sperlonga

Cast of Niobe & daughter

Niobe and her daughter, from a group showing the slaying of the Niobids by Apollo and Artemis
Cast No. C 195b

Statue group - punishment of Dirce

The punishment of Dirce (trampled by a bull) at the hands of Amphion and Zethos

Cast of statue group - Laocoon The Trojan priest Laocoon with his two sons, attacked by serpents sent by Apollo. One of the most famous of the Hellenistic (about 200 BC) groups discovered in this copy in Rome
Cast No. B 130b

Reconstruction of Victory minument

Reconstruction of Victory monument with Gauls - at Pergamon. There was a comparable group of smaller figures set up in Athens to celebrate the same victory

Statue of Gaul killing himself

A Gaul killing himself, supporting his dead wife. From a victory monument set up at Pergamon by Attalos in the 220s BC. This includes the famous 'Dying Gaul'

Group statue - Pan teaches Daphnis

Pan teaches the young Daphnis how to play his pipes

Cast of 'Victory of Samothrace'

The Victory of Samothrace, placed on the prow of a ship as part of a dedication celebrating a sea victory
Cast No. B140