The remoter kingdoms

In the remoter Hellenistic kingdoms pure provincialism reigned, even for royal portraits, where we see only the trappings of Hellenistic statuary, as for the Commagenian kings at Nimrud-Dagh in south Turkey.

Photo of head of man from Egypt

Head of a man, from Egypt. The Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt is a centre for fine classicizing works, but the far older Egyptian tradition lingered and could be combined with the more frankly realistic Greek in works such as this, which is only superficially Greek

Photo of Cast of relief of Antiochos

Relief of Antiochos I of Commagene (east Turkey) with a highly stylized Herakles. On the site at Nimrud-Dagh Cast No. A 146

Photo of statue of woman

Figure of a woman from Afghanistan.This remote Greek kingdom kept in touch with contemporary developments at home, though this figure shows a very simplified form of the familiar Hellenistic draped women