Accurate, though sometimes psychologically interpreted, portraiture of contemporaries, includes not only the Hellenistic Greek rulers, whose heads also appear on their coins which are often the only means of identity, but of private persons. Family likenesses are observed sometimes in the types for royalty, and Alexander's portrait in particular served as a model for folk with similar aspirations. Portraits remain relatively rare on tombstones.

Photo of portrait of Philetairos
  • Portrait of King Philetairos of Pergamon, mid 3rd century BC
Photo of bronze portrait of Hellenistic ruler
  • Bronze portrait of Hellenistic ruler. 3rd/2nd century BC
Photo of portrait of Alexander the Great
  • Portrait of Alexander the Great, made about 330 BC
Photo of portrait of Antiochos III
  • Portrait of King Antiochos III of Syria, mid 2nd century BC
Photo of portrait of Roman businessman
  • A Roman businnessman, from Delos. About 100 BC
Photo of portrait of priest
  • Portrait of a priest (?) from Athens. 1st century BC

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