Gods and heroes

Cult statues of gods helped define the popular image of each deity, and were themselves dedications. An example is the bronze Athena Promachos set on the Acropolis at Athens commemorating success over the Persians, while the comparable gold and ivory Athena Parthenos stood within the Parthenon, which also celebrated Athens' military record. The types were repeated or adjusted as major dedications by the state or individuals, usually for some major civic success. Many are mentioned in texts, and many types preserved in Roman-period copies, usually with no indication of their original setting.

Examples are:

Cast of 'Dresden Zeus'
  • The Dresden Zeus. Copy of a statue in the style of Pheidias.
    Cast No. C 049
Photo of Hermes Ludovisi statue
  • The Hermes Ludovisi. Copy of a statue of about 440 BC, possibly from a monument in Athens to the men fallen at Koroneia (447 BC).
Photo of model of Athena Parthenos
  • Model of the Athena Parthenos in the Parthenon, in Toronto.
Photo of Cast of statue group - Hermes holding infant Dionysos
  • Copy of Praxiteles' statue of Hermes holding the infant Dionysos from within the temple of Zeus at Olympia, of about 350 BC.
    Cast No. C113.
Cult statue of Athena
  • Copy of a cult statue of Athena (Athena Velletri), perhaps from the Hephaisteion in Athens, late 5th cent. BC.
Capitoline Demeter statue
  • The Capitoline Demeter, copy of a statue of about 420 BC.
Photo of statue of armed Aphrodite
  • Copy of a statue of the armed Aphrodite (worshipped at Corinth), of about 400 BC

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