Podcasts / Videos

  • Research in Classical Archaeology
  • Discussion between Sir John Boardman and Donna Kurtz on the subject of being classical archaeology researchers and academics and some of the challenges and opportunities they face.

  • Introduction to Art of the Ancient World
  • Donna Kurtz and Sir John Boardman talk about Sir John's life, his career and experiences as a classical scholar and also the relationship works of art from different cultures around the ancient world have with one another.

  • Treasures of Oxford - Athenian Wine Drinking Cup.
  • Sir John Boardman talks about a wine drinking cup made in Ancient Athens; he also talks about what we can learn from it about Ancient Greek culture and the kind of lifestyle the Greeks had.

  • Studying Classical Gems - Classics Alumni Day 15th March 2014
  • Prof Sir John Boardman delivers his lecture on "Studying Classics Gems" as part of the Alumni day - "Classics from Helen to the Hijaz"

  • The Relief Plaques of Eastern Eurasia and China - The Ordos Bronzes - video by Sir John Boardman