Attic black-figure

Gorgon Painter's name vase

Gorgon Painter's name vase

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Photograph: M. Tiverios, Elliniki Techni

Museum: Paris, Louvre
Size:  93cm - bowl 44, stand 59.
Function: convivial. The handle-less round-bottomed mixing bowl (dinos) needs a stand so that it can be 'displayed' at the symposium.  
Technique: black-figure
Style: Early black-figure
Subject/s: two Gorgons flee Perseus, a third, decapitated, slumps to the ground (front shoulder), confronting chariots (back shoulder). Corinthian-style animals and florals on the lower bowl and stand.
Date: early 6th c.
Analysis: florals and animal friezes show the influence of Corinth on Early black-figure. Export of the display piece to northern Italy confirms the importance of both trade and 'Greek custom' among the Etruscans.

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