Drawing of stamnosThe stamnos (pl. stamnoi; possibly connected with Greek histemi - I set up) is a broad-shouldered, round-shaped vessel, with a low foot and a low neck. Its two horizontal handles usually curl upwards to some degree. It is produced from the late sixth century into the later fifth. Most have been found in Etruria. The name might have been used for this shape in antiquity, but not necessarily exclusively, and it may also have been applied to other storage vessels, such as amphorae.

Some examples have lids, suggesting that they were used for storage. From illustrations of the shape in use, it is clear that stamnoi could also be used for the serving of liquids, and may be considered alongside lebetes and kraters.

Athenian red-figure stamnos ht. 35.5cm
  • Athenian red-figure stamnos ht. 35.5cm
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