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A Short Guide to Searching with the CARC Databases

Some of the databases allow simplifed searches and filtering through the introductory web pages at each section of the site. This guide applies to more complex searches on the full Beazley Archive Pottery Database (BAPD) and other databases accessed from the Welcome Page.

  • If you want to be able to store images in your own Photograph Album please register and login, then select 'Search' from the menu. Otherwise go straight to the databases by clicking 'Search the Databases Without Logging In'.
  • A search form will appear. Use the drop-down menu at the top to choose from available databases. Selecting the 'Advanced Search' tab above the form will give even more search criteria.
  • Each box in the search form is a search criterion. You can enter search terms in one, several, or all of these research fields. But note that the databases will only recognize certain words and phrases for most of the fields. If the acceptable terms are restricted, a list of them will appear on the right side of the field (click the blue box to see the list). Alternatively, you can start typing and a drop-down list of possible terms will appear below the field.
  • If you do not want these drop-down lists or if you want to search for multiple terms within a field, please de-select 'Auto complete as you type' at the bottom of the form. (Note that your browser may also provide drop-down lists if it remembers your previous searches. You can disable these using your browser settings.)
  • Having de-selected 'Auto complete' you can search for multiple terms within a field using Boolean operators. Put AND, OR, NOT between the search terms. For example, in the BAPD within the 'Artist name' field you can search for 'Phintias OR Euphronios'.
  • You can also do wildcard searches. Use * to substitute for a word or characters.
  • To start the search you can use your preferred buttom underneath the form. 'Browse' shows search results one record at a time.
    'List' shows all the results in abbreviated format. Click to see the full record.
    'Images' shows thumbnail photographs of the search results.
    'Map' plots the find locations of the objects on a map.
    Other check-boxes and menus allow you to refine your search further.
  • The results of 'Image' searches can be manipulated in a variety of ways. For example, images can be moved around the screen with your mouse, compared with each other, expanded, or moved to your Photograph Album. Read the drop-down menus carefully to choose the right options for you.
  • Within a particular record, various tabs, buttons, and links will allow you to explore further.
  • Note that you cannot bookmark or share the normal URLs for individual records. At the bottom of the record is a 'stable URL' which can be used for this purpose.
  • Finally, more complex statistical reports can be run on the databases for specialized research. To ask about these or if you have problems, please contact us at


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