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Copyright information

The non-photographic content of our databases is normally copyright CARC. In many cases we do not own the copyright on images (especially in the Beazley Archive Pottery Database). The owner will often be the relevant museum. Images of Sir John Beazley's drawings and notebooks belong to CARC and may be used for all non-commercial purposes, providing that the source is acknowledged in any public use. The BAPD Faceted Search Form allows registered users to download data from the whole database or specific searches. You are welcome to use these data for the purposes of private research or education. The publication or dissemination of research based on downloaded data must acknowledge the source.. Please let us know how you have made use of our data. . This is important for our funding and for ongoing improvements to the service..

Technical information

Please note, you must have cookies enabled on your browser in order for this site to operate correctly.. In order to see the images you must also enable JAVA and ensure that any firewall you have allows both ports 80 and 81 through. For security, SSL2 and SSL3 have been disabled on the server so if you are still using Windows XP you will need to use an up to date web browser such as Opera or Firefox rather than Internet Explorer..


For general queries about the CARC databases please contact carc@classics.ox.ac.uk

If you wish to suggest additions or corrections to the Beazley Archive Pottery Database, please contact Dr Thomas Mannack thomas.mannack@beazley.ox.ac.uk (Tel: +44 1865 278084)

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